Coplex Ventures provides capital and proven Coplex Startup Studio programs to accelerate pre-seed internet ventures.

Coplex Ventures Thesis

We believe we can co-create strong ventures by investing in those that are:

  • Pre-product to modest revenue.
  • Composed of domain expert founding teams, even if they can’t code.
  • Working through the Coplex Startup Studio accelerator programs, which provide active support in product development.
  • Utilizing the Coplex Startup Studio accelerator programs to speed up time to market and reduce wasted cash in the process.

The Landscape

The technology companies built on top of the internet are no longer confined to just the technology sector. Today, the internet is integrating itself into the core of every sector in our economy. With ubiquitous connectivity and emerging technology, we see increasing demands for the new internet ventures globally.

How We Do It

We see an unsolved problem in the startup industry. While plenty of expert founding teams have great concepts, many don’t qualify for traditional seed-funding or accelerator programs due to lack of coding or product development experience.

For highly capable ventures that may not have all the puzzle pieces to be successful, we complete and support the founding team.


Even qualified teams unknowingly head down a road of misguided product development efforts because their primary resources (seed funds, angel groups, and startup incubators/accelerators) don’t always provide the support needed to avoid common pitfalls. We want to step in before valuable time/money is wasted building the wrong products. Coplex Ventures gives high-potential startups a chance at success by providing the funding they need and access to our expert team at the Coplex Startup Studio.

Why do we do it?

The Coplex ecosystem, including Coplex Ventures and Coplex Studios, is built to serve, elevate, and connect global startup communities.

The Coplex Studio Difference

In the traditional Accelerator model, founders provide leadership, product development, and coding expertise. The Accelerator supports with domain experts and capital.


In our Startup Studio model, founders provide leadership, domain expertise, and a great concept. The Startup Studio supports with lean product development, coding, and capital.

The Coplex Studio Difference

The Skinny on the Coplex Startup Studio

Every startup we fund at Coplex Ventures goes on to co-create with the Coplex Startup Studio. With our skilled teams and proven lean process, ventures are accelerated on their journey to product/market fit.

Lean Process

Lean Process

We craft products swiftly & iteratively. Startups save valuable time/money as we test assumptions & refine.

250 Startups and Counting

250 Startups & Counting

Lean Process is repeatedly proven successful as ventures get to market & see revenue in as little as 8 weeks.

Multiple Locations

Multiple Locations

Great ideas and talented domain experts can come from anywhere. That's why we have offices in Phoenix, LA, and Seattle.

Our Investment Criteria

Since not every startup is right for Coplex Ventures, we carefully vet your founding team, idea, and other qualifiers to ensure success. A good fit looks like this:

  • Early Stage Startup
  • Tech/Digital Product Idea
  • Subscription, Marketplace, On-demand, E-commerce, Digital Media, SaaS, or Affiliate Business Model
  • Strong founding team, 8-week path to revenue, subject-matter expertise on team, high-score in qualification analysis

Who we won’t invest in:

  • Uncoachable founders
  • MLM, adult/gambling startups, or copycat startups with no differentiation
  • Startups with no short-term path to revenue