The Venture Capital Arm of the
Coplex Accelerator.

Coplex Ventures Thesis

Coplex Ventures Fund I is no longer reviewing new applications for investment. Shortly after announcing our $5M Fund I, we completed a merger with AZ Crown Ventures and have restructured our investment arm. Our investment arm is now focused entirely on maintaining our equity positions for Coplex program graduates.

The Coplex Accelerator Program

Interested in being part of the Coplex Accelerator Program? Our program is designed specifically for industry experts with 15+ years of experience in their space to start the next wave of high-growth technology companies.

Light Bulb

Helped start over 275 startups.


More than $800MM in VC raised into our startups.


Our ventures space the globe with an aggregate market value of over $3.8B

Entrepreneur Magazine

Ranked a Top 7 Startup Accelerator in America by Entrepreneur Magazine.