Our Qualification Criteria

Coplex Ventures is looking for startups who meet the following criteria so we can maximize the value and resources we bring to the table. When you meet all these qualifications, we are better equipped to provide connections, guidance, and the support you need to succeed.

The Stage

We’re looking for startups who are pre-product to early-product. (Pre-revenue is okay, too.) Either way, we look at pre-money valuations around the $1M range.

The Sweet Spot

The ideal candidate is a founding team composed of subject matter experts in a particular industry. This team has strong influence in their space, some experience running a company, and needs support building their first product. The ideal team typically won’t code, but they want to bring a new software/technology venture into the space that they know well. At the current stage, this team is typically a phone call away from closing their first few customers once the product is in market. Above all, these individuals are open to lean and iterative product development methodologies (instead of “building it all from the start”).

The Location

Phoenix, LA, or Seattle preferred. We are open to considering other locations if the founding team is willing to travel. Relocation is not required for our programs.

The Qualifiers

  • You are an internet startup or digital product.
  • This is not your first time running a company.
  • You are a subject-matter expert (domain expert) in the space in which your venture is addressing a problem.
  • You have a viable, short-term path to revenue.
  • You have a reasonable addressable market size.

The Disqualifiers

  • Your business requires expensive/time-consuming approvals. (i.e. FDA)
  • You are associated with adult content, multi-level marketing, or gambling.
  • You have more than 3 founders on the founding team.
  • You have messy cap tables or complex legal structures.